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Buffalo Dream Ranch (BDR) was so named initially to hide its primary purpose of breeding rhino from poachers.  In a world where poaching is threatening the rhino to the point of extinction, John Hume, one of the world’s greatest rhino conservationists and a passionate campaigner against their extinction, together with an extremely dedicated team, protect and care for over 1600 rhinos, of which over 1000 have been bred on BDR.  BDR’s mission is to “Breed Better, Protect Better”.

John Fredrick Hume was born on 25th January 1942. He was raised on a sheep farm in the Cape Province of South Africa and later on a cattle farm in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where his love of the land, and its animals, was nurtured. In 1992, at the age of 50, after having made a good living from developing holiday resorts, John bought his first wildlife ranch. Mauricedale Game Ranch, situated just south of the world renowned Kruger National Park, became a fabulous success with John combining his business acumen, his knowledge of farming, and his passion for wildlife. In 1993, he acquired his first rhino, and he soon fell in love with this iconic species. For the next 13 years, he successfully bred 143 rhino calves from a breeding herd of 130 Southern White Rhino, until tragedy struck in 2007. This was when he lost his first rhino to poachers. He realised then that Mauricedale’s proximity to both the Mozambiquan border, and the Kruger National Park, exposed his rhino to far too much danger, and he made the difficult decision in 2008 to relocate to the safer North West Province of South Africa. This more remote location, as well as the flat expansive savanna grassland provided the ideal habitat for his rhino and afforded much better security options.

With the escalating poaching crisis, and consequent security costs rising exponentially, as well as the risk to human life becoming ever greater, more and more rhino custodians in Southern Africa started dis-investing in rhino.  John saw this as a grave risk to the future of rhino, and it prompted him to register the first Captive Breeding Facility for Southern White Rhinos in South Africa, to serve as a safety net for our dwindling wild rhino population numbers. And so, in 2009, BDR was officially founded. With the exceptional breeding accomplished by the project, additional land has since been acquired, onto which to expand the project to provide more habitat for the resident rhino.

After personally investing well over US$100 million, John Hume, “The Man Who Bred 1000 Rhino”, has reached the end of his financial wherewithal to continue self-funding his breeding and protection project.  He has appealed to the world to please help him out.

Play your part in helping John, and the team at Buffalo Dream Ranch to “Breed Better, Protect Better” by clicking here to donate. 

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